As founder, CEO and principal consultant of The People Person: HR Growth Solutions, Lori-Ann Duguay provides no-nonsense HR support to organizations and employees—identifying trends, issues and gaps, and developing solutions to help her clients mitigate and thrive.


With more than 20 years of expertise in her field, Lori-Ann’s key leadership skills—combined with her in-depth understanding of the labour market, legislative compliance, demographics, team dynamics, adult learning principles, and business process improvement methods—enable her to provide established and entrepreneurial companies with the solutions and knowledge needed to improve team cohesiveness and productivity.

Applying her strong business acumen as it relates to all things HR-related, Lori-Ann thrives on helping companies grow their business by growing their people. She is known for hitting the ground running and quickly providing value to her clients. She is passionate about ensuring clarity and accountability—and believes all HR solutions or decisions should be pragmatic, must make business sense, and provide ROI.

Lori-Ann is a certified Dispute Resolution Practitioner, with an Advanced Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Canadian Institute of Applied Negotiation (specializing in Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Analysis/System Design). She is also a licensed partner of Wiley’s Everything DiSC suite of assessment products. Her educational background includes a Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management and Labour Relations from Athabasca University, and a B.A. in Humanities from Laurentian University.




Sarah Medeiros

Our  “Strategic HR Person


Sarah has over 7 years’ experience as an HR strategist. Throughout this time, she has worked and partnered with managers and executives from wide range of teams, all with unique needs and demands to support them through the design and implementation of HR strategies, policies, processes and programs that enable them to unleash their team’s full potential! Her approach includes a systematic evaluation of frameworks to ensure ROI and optimal implementation.

Sarah has built comprehensive and robust HR frameworks from the ground up. 

She is a firm believer that presenting complex information in a structured, simplified, and visually appealing way will optimize learning and assimilation. She combines both adult learning and graphic design principles to ensure her strategies and accompanying tools/guides and resources enable an effective and seamless training experience.

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Western University in Business Management and Organizational Studies, with an HR specialization, which emphasized a people-centred approach and provided a comprehensive foundation in business principles.



Holly Guenette

Our “Coaching and Facilitation Person


Over the past 15 years, Holly has held a variety of front line and management roles and has worked with diverse teams and organizations. All of which have provided her with first-rate people skills. Holly understands people!

She is an expert at helping individuals and teams increase self-awareness and achieve “ah-ha! moments” to broaden both their individual and organizational perspectives.

Over the years, she has facilitated many in-person and virtual workshops on a variety of topics and she prides herself on offering a fully engaging experiential learning experience to all of her participants.  Holly’s passion is finding ways to communicate information and experiences that inspire others to grow, learn and ultimately become the best version of themselves.

Holly holds an honours degree in social Work from Laurentian University and has completed numerous specialization certificates in her quest to fill her coaching and facilitation toolkit to be able to support and guide her clients to defining and achieving their professional and personal goals.